What is your Usage Policy for images on this site?
Simply stated, Jordan's art on this site cannot be modified or reproduced in any way. An image may only be removed and displayed in a personal gallery outside this site if it remains unaltered in any way, including all credit and url information that is currently present on the image. Please state who you are and ask first, he won’t bite. Use of work can be sorted after a chat. Banners are free to use on my links page, but ask first as its a nice thing to do. You can choose from 5 designs.

All images found at this site are ultimately © Jordan Smith Darkview (unless stated).
If I buy an image or item can I use it in my own product or reproduce it?
Unless agreed or sold outright sorry, no. All of Jordan's images or items using Jordan's images are sold in a specific form. Modifying and reselling them in another form is not legal. The term for this is "derivative works right" or "modification right". Only the artist has the right to modify the creation. This no-modification also applies to the purchase of an original work; the artist still retains full ownership over reproduction, etc. This law does not apply to the resale of an item. An item may legally be resold if in its original, non-modified form. This law protects the artist's ability to present his/her art as they intend, commercially or non-commercially.lf you have a product you would like to use on a Darkview image then contact details are at the bottom.
What if I See Misuse of Darkview's Art?
If you see the misuse of Jordan's art anywhere (illegal commercial usage, usage against the usage policy, etc.) feel free to let us know via the contact form (bottom of page). If you wish to help us out feel free to let them know they are in violation of Jordan's usage policy, or even worse, most likely breaking the law (it's tough for us to keep up with all the reports we get). We've found that most people in violation aren't doing so maliciously, they're just not aware of the law/policy.
I am experiencing trouble with the site. Why?
If you are experiencing trouble The most common cause of problems while operating within this site is overzealous pop-up controls or firewalls. Hardware or software firewalls. But if you notice any real bad problems please contact:

Commercial Use / Commisions 
Commercial use of Jordan's art is prohibited without completed prior contractual agreements. If you have a proposal you wish to pass along, you may do so via the contact link at the bottom of this page. Many requests are sent in from various personal business enterprises, both for profit and non-profit, again contact below.

Whats his medium?
At this time Jordan's works with just about every medium you can think of: mac/acrylic/pen/ ink/35mmphotography/pencil/digital etc ... and sometimes a careful blend through the love of his Apple!. Arrrrrh!
Commissions/Model work
At this time Jordan's is accepting private commissions. Production and film companies etc please contact me below. Should you be a model that wants a portrait please contact me first with a picture (low res attactment please) and details. Only then can a cost be calculated. Please do not ask for freebies as it often offends.
Please feel feel to leave your Question or Comment here at:
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