Jod Self PortraitJordan Smith is an artist and photographer who has researched and worked extensively with a variety of unique photographic and painted techniques, blending tradition with experimentation, through to digital. His imagery focuses on mythic, tragic, theatrical, and imaginary subjects which he presents in a mood that echoes both romantic and dark gothic themes. Researching the meaning behind each symbolic image is his inspiration and his visual interpretations are unique.

His work has a feeling of ‘other-worldliness’ which takes the viewer on a never-ending dream-like journey of the human psyche.His work is a farscape infusion of old meets new: “Many of my themes are owed to the influence of the Pre-raphaelites, their interests in literary, biblical and Celtic mythology and are a strong point of my creativity, we have similar themes- especially the power of the Femme Fatale.”

This here 5 year volume of work shows his inexhaustible imaginative dark and sensual creative world. He says that this is only the start of his work volume. Jordan is also a graphic designer and has worked for many major record labels and business companies for the last 7 years and has had magazine features and exhibitions worldwide.

Jordan is available for private portraits, book designs and one off special commissions.
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“Really striking - beautiful and unsettling”.
Sarah Waters (Writer 'Tipping the Velvet')

“A visual delight to the darker side of life”
Richard ‘O’ Brien (Actor)

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