January 2006 BIOGRAPHY

Well it's the beginning of a new 365 again, l've had a good rest over Christmas and the New Year as l thought l deserved it because l'd been at it hammer and tong through 2005 - working !!!! anyway not much to say except this year see's my photo montage cover work with comic legend Bryan Talbot go to print worldwide. (Will keep you posted).

From time to time l like to work on visions from Shakesphere's, A midsummer Night's Dream visit DESIGN WORK/PART2 to view my finished poster of Titania, Queen of the Fairies, wife and lover to King Oberon.

l was informed a couple of months ago by a party guest visiting Angelina Jolie's home in Buckinghamshire (UK) that she has a large print of mine entitled 'Worship' so its good to here these things and l hope that John will contact me again as l've lost contact due to website problems at myspace thats now sorted, so get in touch if your reading this John.

l expect to be travelling alot this year gathering photoshoot information plus a coulpe of portraits and model shoots plus l hope a new look Darkview by the summer.

If you would like to visit MySpace.com you can find extended information about my work, friends, fans, their view points and mine etc . . . so visit: http://www.myspace.com/darkview Thanks again for all your mail and comments.

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