October - November 2005 BIOGRAPHY


Well its October again, l love the autumnal sun and the leafy grounds of this time of year, dark nights and Hallows’ eve its my kinda xmas ;-). What have l been up to you may be asking, well l need a word that means more than busy and and a word vaster than creative.

l’ve had several photoshoots over the last 2 months and you can view the first of these GALLERY 5 which contains a couple of samples of the new album cover for Eileen daly. Also I’ve been on a shoot with Bryan Talbot for further work for his new book ‘ALICE IN SUNDERLAND’. I’ve 9 new T-shirt designs up at Spice so click onto the banner in my LINKS page to buy yourself a dark little pressy or visit PODgallery for a poster.

If you would like to visit MySpace.com you can find extended information about my work, friends, fans, their view points and mine etc . . . so visit: Thanks again for all your mail and comments.

l’ve a set of DARKVIEW T-SHIRTS for sale here.

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