Sorry l’ve not been around here much but my work load has been on the increase including various galleries exhibiting certain pieces as well as a few band covers, logos and photoshoots lately . . .

Please feel free to wander around my galleries and view my work, l do seem to have lots for your veiwing pleasure and l enjoy the feedback, thanks.

l've started a 16 page graphic novel under the working title of 'ShadowPlay' recently and it will incorporate most of my 2 colour 'graphic' work through the years and pull it together in a sort of 'fantasia, abstract free fall of Darkview work.

It’s gone through other working titles like 'Shadowlands' etc but copyright usually gets in the way of a good title though l am happy with ‘ShadowPlay’.

It will have a simple art form version of my pictures from 'Siren love bomb' ideas. I’ve 8 pages completed and working through the other sketches to finish.

Anyway l will show the first few pages very soon and do drop in to www.myspace/darkview for current updates and a possible chat. Thanks again or all your mail and comments.

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